We run regular Flat field  e-soaring or Line launch competitions, and hold slope fly-in events every month through the year. The first Saturday or Sunday in the month is usually a Slope fly-in. 
During the summer, the middle Sunday is a flat field line-launch event. 
Again during the summer, the last Sunday is a flat field e-soaring event. 
We also organise other competitions such as a “chuckie” series and a Limbo.

2019 Calendar of Events (subject to change):

Sun 14 April E-soaring round 1
4/5 May Slope Fly-in
Sun 19 May E-soaring round 2
1/2 June Slope Fly-in
Sun 16 June E-soaring round 3
Sun 23 June WSA 40th Anniversary BBQ
Sun 30 June Rosebowl Event
Sat 6 July Slope Fly-in
Sun 7 July Fall back date for WSA 40th Anniversary BBQ
Sun 14 July E-soaring round 4
3/4 Aug Slope Fly-in
Sun 11 Aug Limbo event
Sun 18 Aug E-soaring round 5
0/1 Sept Slope Fly-in
Sun 22 Sept Multi-task event